Corset Sizing

Are you in the market for buying a corset but don't know how to get the right fit? Maybe you've never had one before and you're curious. Maybe you've tried wearing a corset before but it just didn't look or feel right. Well you're in luck because here's your handy Passion8 guide to buying and wearing a corset!

Choosing a Corset

First things first, do you know what you're looking for? Is there a certain look or style you're after? Waist training or fashion? Basque or overbust? There's a lot to think about but once you've made your decision, the rest should be easy! Today we will go over the fashion corsets and the kind to wear in the bedroom.

Corset-SizingGetting the Right Fit

For the ideal fit, be sure that the corset is two to four inches smaller than your waist size. Be honest with your measurements - this is your comfort we're talking about here! Remember, they are meant to have a gap in the back. It is important that you have enough room to breathe in there. A corset should be snug enough to slightly squeeze you but still allow you to breathe. There's nothing sexy about cut-off circulation and fainting!

If you have a large bust and have a hard enough time finding tops let alone lingerie, choose an underbust basque instead. You can bare your breasts or pair it up with a matching bra. Even better, mix it up and wear a funky print bra.

How To Lace a Corset

So you've picked out the perfect corset and you can't wait to try it on. The first thing you should notice is that your corset will come pre-laced, usually with some ribbon. Sure it's pretty but it's not what you want. Ideally, a bootlace at least 5 metres long should be used. Bootlaces are long and strong and can easily withstand a night of dancing or a vigorous lovemaking session.

One of the most important aspects of your new corset is how it's laced. Laced wrong and it's not going to feel right once it's tightened. The best way to do this is called ' rabbit ears lacing '. Rabbit ears corset lacing makes it as tight as comfortably possible in the waist while leaving your hips and bust in an alluring shape. This way of lacing also gives independent control over how tight your ribcage and hips are cinched. The rabbit ears should be placed at the narrowest point of your corset as this is what you use to tighten and fasten. They will also enable you to put on your new corset by yourself so you don't ruin the surprise!

Your corset will either have an opening or it will be one solid piece. Either way, you should loosen the laces quite a bit before you either wrap it around you or you shimmy into it. Once it's on (and fastened if it's a two piece), stick your thumbs into each of the rabbit ears and give it a slow tug. Don't go too fast or you risk getting a friction burn from the laces! Once you have them taut, you can then start working your way from the top to the middle and tighten the crosses. You will then need to take up the slack again through the rabbit ears. You should still be able to take a deep breath. Do this again from the bottom up and finish up by tying a bow in the rabbit ears. There you go, sexy! You're all ready to go!