G Spot Vibrators

Prior to the 1980's most toys were ram-rod straight. Now however manufacturers have cottoned on to the G-Spot and created something especially for the purpose. If only there were more women in the manufacturing and design side of the business then, we think, the adult toy business would really flourish - instead of being told what we want and need from someone who is not necessarily an end user!

G Spot Vibrators - How they work

G-Spot-VibratorsThe curves in the G-Spot types of vibrators match the natural shape of the vagina and will help you to easily locate your G-Spot. As always we recommend you use lashings of water-based lubricant. The feed-back from our testers varied with regard to G-Spot stimulation. Some found that the G-Spot vibrator when in motion was a distraction from G-Spot stimulation, whilst others found that they are a perfect way to amplify arousal.

Cathy Winks in her book, The Good Vibrations Guide to the G Spot says "The G-Spot is responsive to pressure not touch so there's no guarantee that you'll find internal vibration particularly stimulating. On the other hand, vibrators certainly do the trick when it comes to external G-Spot stimulation. For instance if you press a vibrator against the clitoris and mouth of the urethra, the sensations can be transmitted to the urethral sponge inside causing your G-Spot to swell"

Testers Verdicts for G Spot Vibrators

"I use one G-Spot vibrator inside pressing out and another smooth vibrator against my clitoris, the intensity is more than I can bear and it brings me off in less than a minute! I sometimes orgasm with so much intensity that I actually ejaculate! For me, that is a sign of the ultimate orgasm!"

“I had read a lot about g-spot stimulation and decided that I was actively going to try to find if it was fact or fiction! I bought a Dual G Spot Arouser and settled down to stimulate the area; I soon knew I had hit the exact spot, that actually can't be reached by my favourite "orgasm" position with my partner. I had a thundering orgasm that was so intense I actually ejaculated! Two myths for me were exploded in one session, I have since included my partner in this fun and it has totally changed the way we make love. Now my orgasms are more intense and we both reap the rewards. I would say to any woman who has not located and "worked" her g-spot, then she doesn't know what extra fun she is missing! Thank you Passion8!

"I was curious to use a G-Spot vibrator. I once dated a man who had a penis shaped like a banana! It had a real bend in it, but I thought nothing of it. I was riding him merrily one Sunday morning, and had a fabulous orgasm, I also noticed a pool of clear liquid - I knew I hadn't wet myself but just didn't know quite what had happened. Years later I discovered that I had probably ejaculated, and that it had been due to his banana shaped penis stimulating my G-Spot. Rather than find another man with a banana shaped penis (hubby may object!) I was more than happy to try a g-spot vibrator and can assure you that a G-Spot orgasm really is different to my usual clitoral/vaginal orgasms. They seem much more intense, stronger contractions and I get much wetter! I'm sold on the g-spot vibrator - it finally dawned on me why so many women like it doggie style - maximum pleasuring to the G-Spot"

"Its the first time I've ever gushed [female ejaculation] with my boyfriend, and it was amazing. He had read an article about 'gushing' and was determined that we should try it, and the intense stimulation together with the angle of the curve, really did make me gush!"