Pheromones are well known in the animal kingdom, they are usually odourless and cannot be detected by the nose, but have a profound effect on the brain. Pheromones produce powerful responses in only tiny amounts. In her book "Increase Your Sex Drive", Dr Sarah Brewer explains, "The word pheromone is derived from the Greek, pherin (to bring or transfer to) and hormon (to excite). The term literally means to bring or give excitement and these chemicals appear to live up to their name"...

Dr Brewer adds "Pheromones are volatile substances that are produced by one individual to produce powerful sexual or behavioral responses in other members of the same species."

Human pheromones are known to be secreted in small amounts in skin oils around the nipples, under the armpits and around the genital area. they are related to DHEA and act at a primitive, subconscious level to attract the opposite sex. Evolution has designed us to secrete pheromones when we see someone we find attractive and we are sexually aroused.. the recipient who picks up the scent then starts releasing a few pheromones of their own.

PheromonesFor Men - Boost Your Sex Drive AND Attract The Opposite Sex

Pheromones are therefore an important key to human sexual attraction and although they are mostly undetectable at a conscious level, have powerful effects on mood. When researchers hid male pheromones under certain chairs in a classroom, the women tended to gather around the chairs with the hidden male pheromones. Similarly when a number of theatre programmes were sprayed with male pheromones and left on empty chairs along with unsprayed programmes, more women took the sprayed papers with them after the show than took the unsprayed ones.

Pheromones work by increasing the wearer's attractiveness to the opposite sex and to attract warmer more intimate behaviour as a result. In a double blind placebo controlled experiment men using the active pheromone enjoyed significantly increased sexual activity and attractiveness to the opposite sex compared to those using the inactive placebo. They were found to indulge significantly more hugging, kissing, petting and sex than before the study.

  • 74% of men using the pheromone reported increased romantic attention from women
  • 47% of male users reported having sex more often than before
  • 41% of users kissed and petted more than before the study
  • 35% slept with a romantic partner more frequently than before the study
  • 35% of pheromone users went out on dates more often.

Women users of the female pheromone may not increase the number of times they have sex but are more likely to have regular sex, and report that men are more attentive, courteous and pleasant, while husbands tend to become more playful, affectionate and cuddly.

For Women - Boost Your Sex Drive AND have more Sex.

Dr Brewer says to women "If your sex drive is low, dab a male sex pheromone under your nose or add it to your partners aftershave. If your sex drive is fine, but your man's could do with a boost, add a female sex pheromone to your favourite perfume"

The pheromones will promote sexual attractiveness and if you wear the pheromone designed for the opposite sex, may help you to boost a low sex drive - even where this is due to hormone changes, hysterectomy or advancing years.

Clinicians report that 70% of women using pheromones participate in increased sexual activity compared with those not using pheromones".

© Extracts taken from Increase Your Sex Drive by Dr Sarah Brewer (sadly out of print, if you can get a second hand copy do so, the information is invaluable