Aphrodisiacs – Perfumes, Scents & Pheromones

We all have a favourite smell… perhaps it’s freshly cut grass to remind us of those long summer days, or a certain perfume that reminds you of a certain special person. Every day, hundreds of scents fill our senses, but did you know that certain fragrances can give your libido an extra sparkle?

Aphrodisiacs – The Scent of Passion

Every day, we smell a whole range of fragrances that tantalise our senses, whether that be in a good way or not. Certain scents are renowned for their aphrodisiac properties – give it a try; you may just be pleasantly surprised…

Food Scents

Have you ever wondered why the smell of certain foods just seems to draw you to them?

Lelo Aphrodisiac Massage CandleVanilla

Vanilla has a luxurious, sensuous fragrance, that’s renowned for being a fabulous aphrodisiac. Vanilla is widely used in perfume for its delicious sweet scent. We love Lelo’s delicious massage candles – our favourite is Vanilla & Crème de Cacao – the perfect combination to get you in the mood for love. These candles are a gorgeous addition to any bedroom, because as well as burning with a sublime fragrance, as they burn they produce a luxurious massage oil, ideal for those intimate moments.


This highly fragranced herb has been used for many years in herbal and homeopathic medicines and is renowned for its orgasm-enhancing properties and is said to promote endurance in men.

Perfume Scents


Jasmine is incredibly popular with perfume manufacturers due to it’s delicious sweet scent. Jasmine is considered by some to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiac fragrances – it’s said to possess euphoric powers and has long been used in herbal and homeopathic medicines to cure impotence and lack of libido.

Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac OilYlang-Ylang

Translates as ‘flower of flowers’ in Malay, ylang-ylang is renowned for its aphrodisiac qualities, both as a stimulant and a relaxant. Our beautiful Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil contains extracts of ylang-ylang and peach blossom, and is perfect as a massage oil or intimate lubricant.

Human Scents


Sweat has a reputation for being a sign of ‘uncleanliness’, however sweat is a very powerful aphrodisiac. Sweat only becomes smelly when it mixes with bacteria, but it contains androsterone, a hormone with very attractive powers – so much so that in Medieval times, knights used to slip an apple under their arm to give to their desired woman after the tournament!

Intimate Scents

Our intimate scent is an extremely powerful aphrodisiac, and while it’s important to wash ‘outside’, being too clean isn’t good for us. It’s recommended that you avoid douching and intimate deodorants as this can upset our natural balance and lead to problems such as bacterial vaginosis (BV).


PheromonesPheromones are a chemical that our body produces to attract the opposite sex, and while we can’t see them, or even smell them, they have a proven psychological arousal effect. While we produce pheromones naturally, pheromone sprays are a perfectly natural way to enhance your attraction – available for men and women, our favourites are:

  • CP Female Pheromone Spray – designed especially for women, CP Female Pheromone Spray is lightly fragranced, and perfect to wear on your neck, wrists or other areas of your body.
  • Natural Pheromone for Men – designed to remain active for over 24 hours, Natural Pheromone Spray for men is unfragranced and highly concentrated. The unfragranced spray is perfect to wear with your own aftershave.