What Does The Colour Of Your Lingerie Say About You?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, gorgeous lingerie is flying off our shelves. If you’re not sure what style is best for you, or if you’re buying a gift for that special someone and you’re not sure what will suit them, head over to our fabulous Lingerie Style Guide for some expert advice. But if style’s not an issue, and you’re not sure about what colour to treat yourself to, here’s some tips on what your lingerie colour choices say about you…

What Does Your Lingerie Colour Choice Say About You?

We’ve all done it, we’re browsing beautiful lingerie and we find ourselves drawn to a particular style. We all know what styles we prefer – balconette bra, push up bra, thong, Brazilian knickers, French knickers… but our minds are also drawn to particular colours, not just styles, and often, we don’t even realise it.

What’s your lingerie colour choice?

Black Lingerie Beauty Night Olimpia £29.99


The classic, seductive lingerie colour choice – stylish, timeless, elegant and oh-so-sexy. Black never goes out of style, and in life you’re no different, you like long-term relationships but love to have fun too. Black also screams understated passion and power, making it a favourite for strong, independent women.



White Lingerie Passion Musca £34.99


Another of the most popular lingerie colour choices. Flirtatious white lingerie speaks of innocence, calmness and willing to learn. White lingerie is a favourite among traditional girls – the simple things in life make you happy. Loveable and trusting, fans of white lingerie are often deeply romantic, caring and prefer natural beauty.



Nude Lingerie Corin Beverly Bra £39.99


Recent surveys show that 75% of women now often opt for nude underwear. Practical and stylish, women preferring nude underwear are said to be polished, natural and down-to-earth.




red lingerie Beauty Night Shirley £29.99


Classic, passionate and seductive, red lingerie is always a favourite for Valentine’s Day and is often a first choice when it comes to buying a gift for your partner. Red is the colour of fire and passion, meaning that you can get very angry when someone crosses you, but you’re also the most loving of lovers, and live to stand out in a crowd.



Pink Lingerie Gracya Carmel £24.99


The ultimate flirtatious, girly colour, pink lingerie is a favourite for those who love to show off an equally girly personality. If you’re a pink lingerie fan, this suggests that you love to have fun, and it also suggests a flirty and innocent personality. Those who prefer pink lingerie are often ultra-romantic, sensuous and gentle by nature.



blue lingerie Beauty Night Abigail £28.99


Is blue your lingerie colour of choice? Those who choose blue lingerie are said to be unique, and don’t like to follow a crowd. Blue is a calm and tranquil colour, so is a favourite among peaceful people. Fans of blue lingerie are very romantic and loving by nature.