World Health Day – Sex Is Good For Your Health!

7th April 2014 marks the World Health Organisation’s World Health Day, and today we’re celebrating by telling you that sex is good for your health! Studies show that not only does sex burn calories, fight stress and can even help to combat depression, but it can also lower men’s cancer risk and it’s even good for boosting your immune system too. Read on to learn more…

World Health Day 2014 – Sex Is Good For Your Health

To mark World Health Day 2014, we’re giving you the top 5 reasons why sex is good for your health – if you needed another excuse to spend some quality time with your partner! The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles found that on average we have sex fewer than five times a month, compared with seven times a month 20 years ago, despite recent studies showing more and more benefits to having a healthy sex life; not only does it make us feel good, the health benefits could be much more far reaching…

1.      Sex burns calories

Sex & Mischief Sex SlingSex is a fantastic form of exercise, and while it won’t replace a trip to the gym, thirty minutes of sex burns up to 100 calories – that’s the same as a small glass of wine! Taking that into account, if you have moderately active sex twice a week, that will help you burn up to an extra 5000 calories a year.

Passion8 Tip: Try to vary your positions for best results – by using different positions, you’ll tone different muscle groups throughout your body and stay more flexible whilst having lots of fun. If you really want to try something new and need a little inspiration as to new positions, we recommend the Sex & Mischief Sex Sling to get you into new and exciting positions you never thought possible.


2.      Sex improves women’s bladder control

Swan ClutchWe’ve all heard of Kegel exercises, which are a really important part of every woman’s health and fitness regime but did you know, good sex also acts as a workout for your pelvic floor muscles – when you have an orgasm, it causes your pelvic floor muscles to contract, which strengthens them.

Passion8 Tip: The strength of your pelvic floor is directly linked to the strength of your orgasm, so not only are strong pelvic floor muscles important for bladder control, they’re a vital part of pleasure too! The Swan Clutch is an amazing vibrator that helps you to work your pelvic floor muscles while rewarding you for doing it – the tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations – perfect.


3.      Sex helps to boost your fertility

We-Vibe-4Studies have shown that the more regularly you have sex, the better quality your sperm will be. A recent study showed that sperm health was at it’s best when the man had had sex less than 2 days before sperm was tested, so if you’re trying for a baby, keep sperm in best possible shape by having sex at least twice a week, and not just round the time a woman ovulates.

Passion8 Tip: If you’re trying for a baby it’s important to relax and enjoy your intimate time as a couple – stress can make it harder to conceive so enjoy the practice! If by having sex twice a week things get a little stale, try a couple’s vibrator such as the all-new We-Vibe 4 that you can use as a couple to enhance intimacy.


4.      Sex can help lessen pain

Lelo OraAccording to Dr Barry Komisaruk, PhD at the State University of New Jersey, orgasm can help to block pain, so before reaching for the paracetamol, why not try a more pleasurable solution instead? Dr Komisaruk says that orgasm can help with chronic back pain, menstrual cramps and even headache.

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5.      Sex can boost your immune system

Shunga Geishas SecretsNot only does sex boost your mood and make you feel great, it can also help to give your immune system a boost! Regular sex, once or twice a week, has been found to raise your levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which helps to protect you from colds and flu.

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