Win Prizes With Passion8! Play Doctors and Nurses For Blood Pressure Awareness Week

It’s Blood Pressure Awareness Week, and here at Passion8 we want to do our bit for the nation’s health. Sex is really good for you and your health, so play Doctors and Nurses this week and get your pulses racing!

One of the brilliant side effects of having sex is that it is proven to lower your blood pressure, so to celebrate Blood Pressure Awareness Week,  Passion8 is giving you the chance to win three fabulous prizes, to keep you and your partner healthy and fit in the bedroom, by raising your heart rates and lowering your blood pressure.

September-PrizePassion8 is giving you the chance to win three brilliant prizes; one for you, one for your partner, and one for both of you! For the boys, Passion8 offers an Embrace Beaded Probe from California Exotics; fully waterproof and with seven powerful functions of vibrations, pulsations and escalation, your man can be pampered and pleasured wherever the moment takes you; and with its USB charger, it is perfect for your romantic weekend away!

For girls Passion8 gives you MEDIballs, a pelvic floor exerciser that combines pleasure and fitness! Get your heart racing for more than one reason; the balls continuously give stimulating pulses, exercising your pelvic floor muscles while delivering the most exquisite movement induced vibration for the most enjoyable workout! Doing these pelvic floor exercises strengthens your vaginal walls, which improves and intensifies intimate sensation and your orgasms; who knew exercise could be so much fun!

To go with both of these prizes Passion8 is also giving you a 125ml bottle of AQUAglide medical lubricant from JoyDivision – ideal for hours of sensual delight! This water-based lubricant is brilliant to use with your new toys, and provides greater intensity of sensation and excitement during lovemaking. You can also use it as a high quality massage gel.

Sex not only lowers your blood pressure though, it has lots of other little known health benefits.

Passion8’s Top 5 Sex Health Benefits are:

  1. Sex helps keep to your immune system healthy and can relieve pain – people who have more sex have fewer sick days; your body creates more antibodies to fight illness and disease when you have sex more often. Orgasms also block pain, so instead of taking pain killers, try sex! Stimulation releases a hormone which raises your pain threshold; orgasms have been found to block chronic back pain, leg pain and even headaches – so no using the headache excuse when you can’t be bothered!
  2. Sex boosts your libido and improves bladder control – having sex more often makes sex better and improves your libido; in women, having sex increases blood flow which makes sex feel better and makes you crave more of it. A strong pelvic floor also helps avoid incontinence, which will affect about 30% of women. When you orgasm your pelvic floor muscles contract and strengthen, which makes your future orgasms more intense and increases sensation!
  3. Sex counts as exercise! – have you eaten a bit too much this weekend? Is your six pack becoming a bit keg like? Well, sex is a really good form of exercise, so take your gym gear off and go to bed! Sex burns about five calories per minute, which is four more than watching telly.
  4. Lowers the risk of heart attack and prostate cancer – as well as raising your heart rate, sex helps to keep your testosterone and oestrogen levels in balance, and when either one of these is low, you start getting problems like osteoporosis and heart disease. One study also found sex may make prostate cancer less likely too; men who ejaculated more were less likely to get prostate cancer (many other factors affect cancer risk, but having more sex can’t hurt!)
  5. Sex improves sleep and eases stress – after you orgasm your body produces a hormone called prolactin which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. Being close to your partner also soothes stress and anxiety; touching and hugging releases your body’s feel good hormone, which also boosts your self-esteem and happiness too. Sex isn’t only a prescription for a healthy life, but a happy one.

50566Make sure you look the part for your Doctors and Nurses role play; Passion8 loves Erotic Hot Nurse Outfit from Irall. You can also get matching Nurse Stockings!

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Competition closes Wednesday 17th of September 2014 at 3pm. The winner will notified by email, and must claim within 48 hours. Offer open to UK residents aged 18 and over.

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