Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Penis Stimulator

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Quick Overview

  1. Multi-functional vibrating masturbator for men
  2. Dual motors for intense & strong vibrations
  3. Focuses pleasure around the tip of the penis
  4. 100% Waterproof
  5. Intuitive control using touch buttons


Newsflash: Vibrators aren't just for women! Now with a newly designed control panel you can control each of the powerful motors in the Cobra Libre II and navigate your pleasure from gentle waves to ecstatic speeds. Open your eyes to the world of vibrating pleasure and stimulation with the Cobra Libre II Penis Stimulator; an eye-popping multi-functional male masturbator/vibrator powerhouse!

Finely tuned programs and intensities make even the most discerning men feel like they are taking the most exhilarating ride of their lives. With the handy waterproof control unit and ingenious key lock for erotic adventures on the go there's no excuse for giving yourself over to pleasure.

With an inner lining of smooth, supple silicone, the Cobra Libre II offers the intense sensation of pulsing vibrations against the super-sensitive frenulum and glans. The vibrations are created by two powerful motors which can operate both individually and/or simultaneously. Trust those clever Boffins from Germany's Fun Factory - they have been making stylish sex toys for women for years - and now they have turned their attention to men. As with all things German, it is stylish, efficient and designed to please in a number of ways!

Highly innovative this is the modern answer to male sex toys, by offering multiple levels of speed, vibration and stimulation - we guarantee you've never experienced anything like it before!

The Cobra Libre II Penis Stimulator now includes a USB charger as standard.

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 81056
Brand Fun Factory
Length 15cm (5.9 Inches)
Product Weight 472g
Width 7.3cm (2.8 Inches)
Power Type USB Rechargeable
Function Touch pad controler
Waterproof Yes
Contents Cobra Libre and USB charger
Does Not Come With Fun Factory Charger
Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
Washing Instructions Warm soapy water
Colour Black, Red
Material Plastic, Silicone

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Disappointing to begin with, but great once you've learned to appreciate it. Review by Andy
Product Rating
I've had my Cobra Libre for 5-6 months, and I've only just started to get the best from it. To begin, I was disappointed with it, so it was used infrequently. It's in use most days now!

Why the disappointment? Don't think that you're going to thrust into this baby and come the same way as if you were using a pussy-type toy. That's not what it's for! Hold it quite gently over just the head, and it's best if it doesn't go right into the end. There's a pronounced ridge just inside, and if you want to move it a little, just let the ridge brush back and forth over the rear edge of your glans. I've tried different lubes, KY is good (a bit expensive if you're using it a lot), I also like ID Pleasure.

Relax, and feel the vibrations heat you up to the point of climax. There are two motors, which run at different speeds (and varying speeds, according to the program you select). With some practice, you can feel both motors independently, and once you're that sensitive, you'll be ready for blast-off.

It's a bit of a nuisance that you can't go straight to a specific program. I keep catching the on/off button (an easy mistake to make, once there's lube on the case, and it's not easy to avoid that), and I have to begin again from program #1, repeatedly pressing the 'advance' button until I've reached the program which almost got me off. If I've just had to advance through most of the programs, the chances are that I've just gone off the boil. Best to just keep watching whatever you were watching and be patient. Sometimes it behaves as though I just pressed the on/off button when I'm darned sure I was nowhere near it. That could be a fault that mine has developed...

I'm also a bit disappointed by the amount of use I get from a full charge. Maybe the batteries are not so good at holding their charge now I've owned it a few months. It's really frustrating to be on the point of unloading, and the thing simply switches itself off. (It doesn't just gradually run down, but cuts out completely once the remaining charge gets down to a certain level.)

Is it worth the price? Probably, yes. Although there are one or two aspects which might have been better, notably the touch-sensitive buttons.

In my opinion, it doesn't replace a regular thrusting-type toy, and I naturally thrust when I get to orgasm, because I need to feel enclosed, so I find it most satisfying to use the Cobra Libre for most of the session, then finish off with a Fleshlight. (Posted on 22 February 2013)
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A fun toy and produces a very intense climax!! Review by peagreen69
Product Rating
Most male adult toys I have used are always rather ugly looking devices and/or pretty much useless for the cost. I must admit when I first turned it on and placed it on the head of my cock I thought the toy was going to be another of these products. However as I polled through the various pulsing and speed settings, that first encounter emptied my balls very quickly indeed. I found the product incredibly enjoyable and quite shocked at my own speed. However having used it since, I find the time taken to reach climax is increasing, which I guess is the result of getting used to the feelings. For a bit of solo stimulation, it is an incredibly fun toy and ejaculation can be incredibly satisfying as your balls heat up and build to climax. Finding the right setting to tip you over the edge is fun and a challenge. Edgers I think will love this toy.

Final note is that I have piercings through the head of my cock and the toy, unlike others, stretches to accommodate and is very comfortable to use feeling very much like a warm comforting mouth. I am also not circumcised, so I wonder if this toy would stimulate an uncircumcised cock as successfully. My only negative is that I wish it enveloped my cock further, as you should be aware it only takes your head, but as this is a device developed to stimulate the frenum it does exactly what it is supposed to. (Posted on 3 December 2012)
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Happy with this Product Review by Goronnie
Product Rating
Excellent service from Passion8, fast and the cheapest I could find on the net. Product is excellent quality, although it didn't arrive in the same packaging I had seen on other sites, and also didn't contain the sachets of lube, as described on other sites. Wonder if this is a slightly older model? Although looks and works fine. Lots of programs to chose from, all very good, although some very similar. Only moan is the instructions are useless, but after 10 minutes I was able to suss out. The only other thing was knowing when it is fully charged. I found out that the mains light stays on all the time, the magnetic adaptor and small light on the toy, light up when charging, and extinguish when fully charged. Some confusion on different websites, as some cobra libre seem to behave differently. Overall - very pleased. Quality is excellent, easy to clean, and not too noisy, as some people may think. (Posted on 22 January 2013)
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Do Not Expect the Unexpected Review by Dromie
Product Rating
First off, let me explain why I purchased this product.
I have a serious neurological condition which makes it very difficult for me to use devices such as these and as a result of this I take every consideration into account when making a purchase.
Over the last few months I have bought a number of what could be called high end masturbation devices, none of which really worked for me. I looked at the Cobra Libre and decided that a unit requiring very little strenuous activity which used vibrations and oscillations to bring you to a climax was something that required my attention.
I read as many independent reviews as I could and accepted the fact that this unit takes quite a bit of practice in order to get the most out of it.
I have been using the product now for almost a month and during this period attempt to use it at least once every couple of days. From the point of view of my condition, this is a great little unit which I can easily hold and use as intended. I certainly have no problem in using the magnetic charger and providing I keep my fingers clear of the control buttons; I can avoid the issues that many users have experienced with regards to sensitivity of the controls.
At this point in time, I have been unable to climax but I have to admit that the oscillations are more than pleasant and the unit could certainly be used as a preamble to sexual intercourse as it has a tendency to stimulate the blood flow in the penis and achieves an erection relatively quickly. What I cannot figure out at this point in time is just how this unit can make you climax. What could work is if it would be possible to be able to thrust your penis in and out of the unit which is normally how most people climax. The design of the Cobra Libre does not facilitate this.
I am certainly not hundred percent impressed with this product but it is the best unit I have found so far in terms of male masturbation. It is my intention to continue using it and hopefully sometime in the future it might work in the way in which it was designed to do.
Would I recommend someone to buy it? Possibly not, but then again I don’t think I would say anything to dissuade people against buying a sex toy that does have many good points. Just don’t expect instant results. (Posted on 24 April 2013)
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OMG - amazing sensations Review by Happy Ending
Product Rating
This wonderful piece of kit really blew me away - from the first use and every time since. It creates the most wonderful feelings, which can be controlled with effective use of the buttons, and which lead to the ultimate climax. Best device I've ever used. Highly recommended. Go on - treat yourself. (Posted on 12 August 2013)
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Great stuff Review by baloniasty25
Product Rating
It work better than I expected (Posted on 13 February 2013)
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Very intense and very satisfying Review by J
Product Rating
There are two key words with this awesome little toy: 'Patience', and 'Relax'. Lie back, relax, and....(for me anyway...) a fantastic climax a few minutes later. This thing is classy as well and easily cleaned. As a sex toy it well deserves 5 stars. (Posted on 7 October 2013)
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Love it! Highly recommended Review by Johnny
Product Rating
Best orgasms ever - and every time. Love it. Now I've got used to the buttons, I can control my climax until I am ready to blow. And when I blow . . . WOW! Huge orgasms. Never known anything like it. PS. One tip. I use a condom each time to keep it clean and fresh. (Posted on 22 January 2014)
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