The Passion8 Guide to Lingerie Styles

Ever wondered what the difference between a basque and bustier is? Are stockings or hold-ups better for you? Our quick-help style guide will help you pick out the perfect style to allow you to look and feel effortlessly sexy and also offers great advice for anyone trying to buy lingerie for a loved one, which isn't always easy. Read on to learn more...

The Passion8 Guide to Lingerie Styles


A pretty, floaty babydoll is an essential staple for any woman's lingerie collection. The classic shape nips in beneath the bust and flares out, skimming over your hips and tummy and giving the illusion of a gorgeous nipped in waist. Babydolls are flattering on all body shapes, so for men shopping for gifts for their partner a babydoll is a fabulous choice – she's bound to feel gorgeous in it.

Cami Sets

Cami sets are basically vest tops and knickers, but you may find they come with shorts, thongs or g-strings instead. They can be loose or snug-fitting but you're likely to see many in sumptuous silky fabrics that feel beautifully soft against your skin. Camis are great to wear underneath sheer tops or shirts, but they're also perfect for the bedroom to emphasise your bum and bust whilst keeping your tummy covered.


If you're looking for something a little longer than a babydoll or cami a chemise is perfect for you. The classic shape gently skims your body, hiding any lumps and bumps without completely masking the hips in order to give a flattering and very feminine look. A classic chemise completely covers your bum and doesn't reveal too much cleavage, but shows enough skin to tease and tantalise your partner before bed.

Overbust Corsets

For centuries women have been wearing corsets to give them a defined hourglass figure that is undeniably sexy. Corsets are boned in order to slim your waist and push up your bust, and usually they lace up at the back to allow you to adjust the fit, ideal if you're 'training' your waist and want to gradually tighten the corset. Overbust corsets can be worn underneath clothes or on their own for captivatingly voluptuous silhouette.

Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets reduce your waist but sit beneath the bust to expose the breasts. They are a lot lighter than full corsets and can therefore be much more comfortable, and they also mean you can wear a bra with them to give a more natural shape to your bust than an overbust corset.


If you love the look of corsets but want something a little more comfortable, Bustiers are the perfect choice. They are very fitted to give the illusion of a nipped in waist, but since they are not boned they do not actually change your shape, allowing you to look gorgeous with optimum comfort. Some bustiers have straps to attach to your stockings, so can be worn in place of a suspender belt.


Basques are classic lingerie pieces – sleek, fitted and utterly gorgeous. They are cupped to emphasise the bust, and usually have plastic bones inside to define your figure without altering your shape. Basques often have straps to attach to your suspenders, which makes them a great alternative to suspender belts.


Bodies are brilliant all-in-one lingerie pieces that show off all your sexy curves. They're shaped much like a swimsuit and are elasticated to fit close to your body. You'll find bodies in a range of styles, some with cut-outs around the waist or low backs to show a little extra flesh for a truly sexy look.


A lot like bodies but a little more risqué, teddies are sassy, sexy and very daring. They tend to be more revealing than bodies and designed in in vast array of styles to show off your figure. Teddies are a brilliant way to flash some flesh for your partner.