The Passion8 Guide to Stockings, Tights & Legwear

If you're looking for the perfect stockings, hold-ups or suspender belts to complement your outfit but you're not quite sure what's right or if you need a little help if you're buying beautiful lingerie for your partner, the Passion8 Guide to Stockings, Tights & Legwear will make sure you get the perfect piece every time.

The Passion8 Guide to Stockings, Tights & Legwear

Suspender Belts

Nothing is sexier than a suspender belt and stockings, but the brilliant thing about them is they're practical too! The suspender belt sits around your hips with straps hanging down at the front and back of your legs and attach to the tops of your stockings and hold them up. Suspender belts vary in size and style, some go right from your waist down over your bum, perfect for a vintage or burlesque look, whilst others are slim and fit right over the hips for classic sex appeal.


Many women prefer suspenders over tights because they don't roll or slip down or cause wrinkles like tights can if they're a little too big. Suspenders usually go up to the middle of your thigh and attach to the straps of your suspender belt, basque or corset. The tops are often trimmed with gorgeous lace, ribbon or PVC and look insatiably seductive when teamed with matching underwear.

Hold Ups

Hold-ups give them same sexy effect as stockings but without fiddly straps. The tops usually have elastic or silicone piping on the inside in order to grip to your skin, meaning they won't fall down.


Bodystockings are all-in-one, stretchy outfits, a lot like tights except they cover your whole body and usually have an open crotch for easy access in the bedroom. You will often find them in fishnet, lace or mesh material, all of which will cling to your curves and show off your figure.


Tights are a brilliant way to shape and smooth your figure. They tend to pull in the tummy and love handles and can help nip you in around the waist for a gorgeous hourglass figure, perfect for wearing fitted dresses. Tights are so versatile; you'll find them in classic plain black or tan for a chic, sleek look or in fishnet or patterned material to show off your perfect pins.