The Swan Clutch

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  1. Enjoy in two unique ways
  2. The pleasurable kegel exerciser – the more you squeeze the more they vibrate
  3. Optional vibrate mode for when you want pure pleasure
  4. Ultra-smooth body-friendly silicone
  5. Rechargeable – offers a full 4 hours pleasure from a single charge



Unequivocally the most pleasurable way to strengthen your pelvic floor & enjoy divine vibrations too.

Designed by the pleasure experts at Swan Vibes, the Swan Clutch is truly unique. Designed to be used in two unique ways, the Swan Clutch can be used as an added incentive to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Firstly, the Swan Clutch offers a ‘pressure sensitive’ mode – simply insert the two ‘eggs’ into the vagina and squeeze. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations and the more sublime the stimulation. Over time, this repeated squeezing of your pelvic floor muscles helps to strengthen the muscles which can help to give you even stronger and more pleasurable orgasms.

Secondly, the Swan Clutch can be used on a locked vibration mode – simply flick the lock button, and lay back to enjoy the exquisite vibrations. The neat design makes The Swan Clutch vibrator the perfect travel compantion.

The neat and petite design plays home to a powerful lithium-ion battery – simply plug in your Swan Clutch and the LED light will illuminate to let you know it is charging, then will disappear when fully charged and ready to play. The body-friendly seamless silicone design is 100% waterproof so is perfect for play wherever and whenever the moment takes you.

To make it easy to insert your Swan Clutch vibrating eggs, make sure to use a high-quality body-friendly lubricant such as Passion8 Eden Silk. Make sure to use a water-based lube and not a silicone-based as this may damage the delicate silicone finish of your new Swan vibrator.


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Brand Swan

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This one is a keeper! Review by Shona K
Product Rating
I really like this, and I found that when I stop squeezing the vibrations aren't as intense, so I have to focus to make sure I clench even through the pleasure! This is the first time I have come more than once during a play session with my b/f and I would recommend it. I actually feel it has made me tighter, and my b/f actually complained that it made me so tight that I pushed him out. Would highly recommend this
1. It is quiet
2. It is really intense - right against my G spot which I can't find with a vibrator, but have been able to find with this (maybe because it is more intense than a normal vibrator?)
3. Feels and look lovely
4. I think that it has made my muscles stronger and tighter - bf thinks so (who needs kegelmaster)
5 Made me come more than once - which is a first.

This one is a keeper!
(Posted on 13 December 2013)
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Lovely quality and a real wake up call for my pelvic floor Review by Alice - kegelling as I type.
Product Rating
Shit! This has reminded me to do my kegel exercises. Lovely quality and a real wake up call - what do you me call me Slack Alice???
Quiet, intense, feels smooth, better for solo play than sharing with a partner (that's my view anyway) (Posted on 5 March 2014)
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